Shakti Rising

Energetic Vitality~Shakti is energy, Tantra and Kundalini breathwork are techniques for harnessing the power within to become our best selves. Cultivating an awareness of mind and body health is essential to the process of manifesting what you want in your life, right here and now.

Traditional Practice~Tantra Yoga dates back thousands of years in the east. It is still practiced daily in many regions of India where families pass on the wisdom of Tantra and harnessing Kundalini energy from generation to generation. Rooted in introspection and mindfulness, cultivation of breath with a dedicated asana practice for emotional well being and physical health.

Life Coach ~Kat uses her training as a yoga instructor and health coach to create an individualized nutrition and personal fitness routine. Dedicated clients experience enhanced emotional well being and improved physical health.

In the privacy of your own home~Kat can bring the her coaching to you! For complete integration of these life practices she can work with in your space to incorporate techniques and structure in your daily routine for lifelong success.